dDojo Rules

General Rules for all Users
The general rules must be followed by all users:
- Take off your shoes at the entrance
- No shoes in any of the rooms
- Only step onto the mats barefoot, with socks or soft slippers 
- No tables or chairs allowed on mats
- Pay immediately when taking food or drinks from the Aikikai kitchen
- Sundays and Wednesdays: put full bin bags on the street
- When leaving the dojo check changing rooms, mats and kitchen: 
    - Mats / Tatamis: lights off and windows closed 
    - Changing rooms: Windows closed, showers off, shower mat hung up, lights off
   - Kitchen: fridge closed, tap not dripping, dishes / glasses put away, light off, window closed

Rules for Aikido practice:
International customs:   
-Small standing bow when entering the dojo (entrance at our dojo, room with the mats at a seminar)
- Small standing bow after stepping onto the mats in direction of the kamiza
- In small practice groups the mat area should neither be entered or left without asking the instructor for permission. Please inform the instructor before practice begins of special circumstances (health concerns,  on call for work, etc)
- On the mats hanging about, leaning against walls, back or feet pointing towards the kamiza, sitting with stretched legs should be avoided. Sit in seiza or cross-legged or begin practicing. 
- Wash your feet before practice and wear a clean gi. To avoid cuts, fingernails and toenails should be kept short. 
- Take off watches, rings, all kinds of jewellery, hair pins and other hard objects prior to practice.  
- No consumption of chewing gum or other food during practice. 
- Respect the instructors and follow their instructions immediately. 
- Avoid talking during practice, including conversations about Aikido. 
- The sempai is the first tori. He or she also chooses the place to practice.

ACSA Rules
At ACSA the international customs are followed. There are few additional rules:
- At national and international seminars the hakama is worn from 1st dan. 

Rules at Aikikai Basel
Aikikai Basel aims not to extend the existing customs. We also do not want to plaster the dojo with rule sheets. Instead the kohei (less experienced) should learn from the sempai (the one who went ahead).
Rules for special events In addition to the general rules there are some rules for special events (parties, seminars, workshops, etc.):
- After eating and at the end of the event wipe mats with a damp cloth.
- Avoid noise as much as possible. 
- Leave the area quietly. 
- Only use practice paraphernalia during the appropriate class.